GTM | Seve&Jon Golf for Kids

At Tamoin we are committed to sports and specifically we support and collaborate in promoting golf in our country.

DThus, Grupo Tamoin, along with Jon Rahm and the “Seve Ballesteros Foundation”, participate in the project  Seve & Jon, Golf for Kids”. It’s an initiative that started in 2018 and which mainly aims at encouraging golf among the youngsters and with a solidarity purpose. 

This year’s edition, inaugurated on the 22nd of June at the National Golf Centre of Madrid, will have at least twelve competitions throughout Spain.  This link provides a view of a fragment of the North region final.

During a recent interview,, Jon Rahm explained that this joint project is a starting point and, though there is still a lot to be done, to begin by trying to create several tournaments in the Spanish Federation, is providing people with a different way of seeing golf. Likewise, the man from Barrika mentions Tamoin when he talks about the promotion of this sport in Spain.

The full published interview can be viewed in the Expansion newspaper on this link.