GTM | Fair Saturday Foundation

Group Tamoin has started to collaborate this year with the Fair Saturday Foundation, that aims at generating social impart through art and culture

The Foundation is launching various projects, among which, Fair Saturday movement has been the one of most repercussion. It is held the day after Black Friday.

It is a global culture movement with social impact that is celebrated every last Saturday of November. It seeks to provoke massive mobilisation of society concerning art and culture, highlighting its essential function in the building of a better future.

On Fair Saturday all kind of cultural and artistic activities are possible: music, dancing, theatre, painting, photography… with one specific feature, that each of the participating events support, in different ways, a social project of their choice.

Fair Saturday is organised in any open and participative way, we will keep you updated as it goes progressing.

In this 1 minute video there is an explanation of what Fair Saturday is.
Further information may be found on the web